Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Break and a New Hobby!

      Hey, y'all! Many of us were on Spring Break this past week. I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing break from school and work and whatever else you caught a break from. I myself got a little break from school. 7th grade is fun, but everyone needs a break, even from the fun years. :)
     I have a new hobby that I'm REALLY pumped about. I love longboarding! Of all things, a form of skateboarding is my new favorite thing to do, regardless of what is on my schedule! My longboarding buddy, Calvin, is always very patient and shows me what to do whenever I have a question. He is always willing to go when we can, and since I don't have my own and have to borrow one of his, it really means a lot to me. I am currently saving up to buy a $90 one off of Amazon(the same one he has. First one when you type 'longboard'. It's awesome, BTW.) so that I can stop bugging him to take me down the coolest hills, around the most exciting corners, and through awesome, half-competitive, half-I-know-you're-going-to-win-but-I-don't-care races down the coolest hills with the most exciting corners. I'm super excited about the next time I can go longboarding with Calvin. There really is nothing like the feeling of rushing down a hill(sometimes without a helmet, if I can get lucky enough:P) with absolutely nothing holding you on the platform that you have to steer. You have to remain calm, maneuver the hills carefully and proficiently with your whole body. But the thing is, you can't get it. Not unless you've done it, felt it, smelled it, heard it, breathed it, tasted it. Until you've done it, until you've felt like you're at the peak of what life can feel like and, sometimes, frankly on the brink of death, you cannot possibly understand why on Earth it is so addictive, so amazing, and so satisfying. Okay. Now I'm going to get off my soapbox and wrap this thing up. (SHAMELESS PLUG: IF YOU HAVE ANYTHING, ANYTHING, ANYTHING THAT I CAN DO TO EARN SOME CASH SO THAT I CAN BUY MY NEW BEST FRIEND FOR LIFE, PLEASE TELL ME!!!! I AM AVAILABLE FOR SERVICE!!! THANK YOU!!!)
     Okay... I think that's about it! Please pray for those things(and let me know if I can work for some cash...)! I love you all so much! Thanks for reading!


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Camp is Cool!!!

I'm pretty sure that this is the article I wrote for Parents&Kids magazine a few years ago! I edited a little... but here it is!

    Have you ever been to camp? It's a lot of fun. In June, I went to my very first overnight camp. I went to Twin Lakes Christian Camp. To tell you the truth, I was more than excited. I was exploding. My good friend Ellie and her little sister Anna would be there on the same week, and we would be in the same cabin! I couldn't wait for fun, fun, fun!! Sadly, when we arrived at my cabin- my home for 6 days-'Callie' was on the door... and 'Ellie' wasn't. We were in different cabins,and I'd never been to camp before in my life. I had two super-nice counselors who made it a blast- and nine new friends. That week, I got scared in High Advanced Ropes course and Rock Wall, ziplined into the lake, slid into the pool, held baby ducks and little rabbits at Wild Wonderful Adventure(WWA), Slip'n'Slid, had super fun at superfun games, rode a disobedient but fun horse, and kayaked around the lake. It was a blast! Though I missed Ellie, I made the most of the trip, and there wasn't much to shoot down. My new friends and I came up with new, more accurate names for "Happy" Hill, like "Happy top-of the-hill," "Happy we're Suffering here Hill," and"Happy Done-with-it hill." I even learned firsthand what it was like to be Elijah- Ahab and Jezebel insisting Baal was God, fasting for so long, causing a drought. But he also taught Elisha about God, helped the widow and her son live, brought life back to the son, and was taken up to Heaven as reward. I was nervous about making friends, but I want to acknowledge Emilee, Emma, Jimmie Grace, Ginny, Shelby, Kelsey, Chrysten, Gracie, and Sarah Bess for a super fun week- and don't let me forget our counselors, Anne and Anna Kristen! The LITs (Leaders in Training) were also a lot of fun, joking with younger kids, especially if they're scared. But girls' night was one of the best nights.
           Girls' Night is when all the girls get together and have a blast at the pavilion, and eat snowcones and cotton candy, and decorate the counselors in tissue paper. Our counselor named Anne got a super-pretty dress like  a wedding dress, and a bouquet! The other counselor, Anna Kristen, got more of a bold outfit- a Viking suit, it looked like. But they were both beautiful. Again, I want to thank everyone for a fantastic week, and I can't wait to see everyone!I recommend this very highly, so consider going- it's the chance of a lifetime.:D
           Twin Lakes is the place to be this 2012 summer--See you there!!!
    Haha... okay, leave a comment if you saw this coming when you read that last post: I broke my arm at the beginning of the summer, and overall, it was probably the worst summer of my life. Just saying.
    So, I'm in seventh grade now. Tomorrow is my thirteenth birthday! There are so many crazy things going on. Right now, Rico is missing. He has been for almost a full day now-- longer than ever before. It's pretty hard for me. I've been going door-to-door a little to ask if anyone's seen him. Dad says that someone has him, more than likely. I hope that someone is really nice to him. Toby is really sad without his brother and best friend. He cries and whimpers. Gosh, if Rico doesn't come back soon, I don't know what I'll do! It's so, so sad... I've been on the verge of tears for a whole day. If anyone out there knows where he is, by all means-- call my dad. It's really devastating. I haven't been able to eat anything since last night, not that I care, cause I don't want to eat anything. I'm trying not to think negatively, because I know that's just Satan tempting me to despair, but it's really hard. Prayers, prayers, prayers, please! I'm trying to keep an open mind. Everyone in my family is being pretty short with everyone else because we're sad, we're tired, we're just worried, and we don't know what to do about any of it! If you have ever had a beloved pet go missing, you know what I'm talking about. 
       Finally, everyone is gone! As much as we love, love, love our family, we are glad to have our house and routine back. Tomorrow, school starts back. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'm really emotional and easily aggravated lately. Prayers for this, please. I don't like being short with my family, and I need to work on regaining control of my emotions and behavior. I have to go eat lunch now, but please, please, pray for these things and help me pray that Rico comes back or that we can find him ASAP!!! I love you all. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Long Time, No Post! :D

                       Hey!! So, Oh my gosh, I haven't posted in over a YEAR!!! Too crazy, right?!?! Well, I still make greeting cards, and I am always- ALWAYS- on the lookout for a way to make some extra cash. So, if you decide you would like to pay me to do something- anything, from babysitting to taking out the trash- just let me know in the comments.:)  I'm very excited about being done with 6TH GRADE!!!!!!!! Tomorrow, Friday, May 16th, is Field Day and my last day! I can't believe it! This has been a roller coaster of a year, and so many of ya'll have helped me get through it! I've been through bad days, tough teachers, weird situations, boys, weird boys in awkward situations(:D), and the most fun times of my life! I've been through happy times and sad times. And I couldn't have had any of the times without you all. You've been supportive, giving me advice and listening attentively, listening without giving advice (which you probably know is much, much better sometimes than throwing another opinion in:D haha), and just straight up being the best you can be and more than the best I need. I am soo excited about my very first summer at my brand-new house, with the neighborhood pool and the park! I am thrilled about having a close friend live in my neighborhood (a few, actually) and having that option of texting a quick 'let's meet @park' and riding my bike the short way to the playground. I know that while this will be a hard summer, and one I'll have to adjust to, it will also probably be the best summer of my life. I'm going to have to adjust to not seeing my friends daily (and not seeing some because they're moving out of state--:( ) and not hugging my BFF, Olivia, every morning to say hi. I will look forward to school starting, as I always do. I am absolutely ecstatic about this summer, and next year, I know I will have a fresh start, in some cases a clean slate, and a chance to go resolve some... complicated issues/relationships with friends and not-so-much friends. Anyway, as I start this next part of life, please continue to be there for me and encourage me as you have continuously.:) Thank you all for rocking the house and raising the roof!!:) I love you! Make sure you respond in the comments section!:D Luv ya


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Callie Creations TEAMS UP!!!

     We at Callie Creations have wonderful news! Not only are we having Easter cards for sale for $1.00, but Callie Creations is teaming up with! Go to for his message.We at Callie Creations assist in making comics (C.B.C writes comics like Pizza-boy and Agent Bob). If you would like a comic book just give us a call at 601-850- 8916 or at 601-936-7700 and just tell us the following info:
                E-mail Address
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    We can notify you if things come up as well as typing it here on Prolific Partridges!
    Comic books are mostly 50 cents each, and you can get a signatured copy for 75 cents! That's a bargain we advise you to take advantage of! Characters like Ultra-Caleb and Ultra-Tyler will keep your giggle box on High in Book 1 of! Each book holds some comics.We encourage you to buy a comic book and let the laughter ring! May God bless all and Happy Reading!!!

                             CALLIE CREATIONS:)  and

Friday, January 20, 2012

Callie Creations: Big Sales!!!

      Hey, everybody! You all know that I make and sell greeting cards. Well, who's excited about Valentine's Day, now? We are at Callie's Creations! To love on you all this St. Valentines Day,  We're having a big sale! Get one Valentine's card for $2.00(normal price) and get one Valentine's Card for $1.20. And then, come and get our New Year's Sale! Get one card for $1.50! The New Year's Sale ends January 31, 2012. The Valentine's Sale is from February 1, 2012, to February 14, 2012. Plus, Callie's Creations will not take any orders on March 5, 2012, for a family wide holiday, but since it is a birthday holiday, from March 1 to March 10, get cards: Buy one get a birthday card free! Allow Callie's Creations to wish you a happy Valentine's Day and let us know! (P.S. We will be closed on February 2 for Groundhog Day, but we have the ability to make Groundhog Day Cards if you want. February 12, we are closed for Lincoln's B-day. On the 20 of February, we are closed for Presidents' Day. Thank You.)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I've Got A Name, All My Own

Sue Ann Poppins.
Jessie Ray Falcorn.
Annie Miley Pants.
Jackson Mark Holmes.
Andy Brian Bhaer.
Drew Parker Barber.
   Everyone has a name!!!Whether it's something normal,like Mary Anne Parkers,or something different, like Johanna Drelleanna Downstraughtta, it's a name. A name that only that one person could be given for those reasons her or his Mama or Daddy picked out. A name is like a memory. If you remember your eldest daughter's birth, you think of extraordinary things, and then little things that are tagged onto the important day's events. The same with a name. If I said,"Louisa May Alcott," then you would think of Josephine(Jo) March,Elizabeth (Beth) March,Margaret (Meg) March, Amy March, Marmee March, Father March,Hannah,Theodore (Teddy/Laurie) Laurence, Mr. Laurence, John Brooke, and Friedrich Bhaer. If I said, "Laura Ingalls Wilder," you would think of Laura, Mary, Carrie,Ma,Pa, and Jack. If I said,"Carren Baxxtarr, most of you would probably be thinking,"Who the World is that???"But every name has a meaning, and a reason.

      "Callie"(Greek) means "Beautiful Voice;Most Beautiful." "Elizabeth"(Hebrew) means "My God is a Vow.""Caleb"(Hebrew) means "dog;heart;bold." "Aedan"(Gaelic) means "Little fire." "Kathryn" (Greek)means "Pure." "Dorothy"(Greek) means "Gift of God."So you know everything has a meaning.
   A real, live meaning. If you are looking for why your parents named you...well...what you're named,ask a family member over... Two,if you like... and ask them to help you look up your name.Go to 'Baby Names World' and look at the meaning of your name. So you look up what your name is,and ask your family if you live up to the name God gave you. If not, there's a goal to set for you. Live up to your first name, then go to the middle.Then look for ways to help others live up to their name. There's always a way to help with God's favorite names!!!!

      God trusts us- he wanted us to be a part of his family- and we need to live up to the badrillions of names in this huge world-- in this universe. God wants us to be called a name that he gave us. Even if it's the most random name that could have possibly popped into your parents' head, he put it there. It was probably the only name that he put in their heads. Is your name Rachelle Kelly? I bet that your parents were thinking 'Yuenii Weljaa' because your Aunt Radanne's friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's fiance's sister told them that you looked like a Yuenii and your favorite Grandma's uncle's sister's best friend's baby's name is Annjaa and your Grandpa's ex-girlfriend's mother's sister's book club friend's name is Weljon. I bet they might have named you Eliyshaa Keircch 'cause your Uncle Berby Johnnao liked Keircch and your Dad's Great- Great- Great- Grandma's Aunt's sister's cousin- in- law's fiance's best friend's name was Eli and your Mom's uncle's sister's boyfriend's grandma's cousin's sister- in- law's friend's hamster's name is Shaawflake. But God said,"Not Yuenii Weljaa, not Eliyshaa Keircch, not Yuenii Keircch, not Eliyshaa Weljaa. Rachelle Kelly." and aren't you glad your parents went with him? Deal with the teasing, deal with the bullies, deal with the exceptions for your friends. Deal with yourself and your problems. Deal because God did.